Specialty Care Services at Doctors Clinic

Discover Excellence Beyond Borders with our Specialty Consultations at Doctors Clinic. We understand that your health journey may require the expertise of specialists, and we’ve built a well-structured system to seamlessly connect you with leading specialists, not only in Pakistan but also in the USA.

What is Specialty Consultation

At Doctors Clinic, We Offer Scheduled, Non-Admitted Services Tailored For Individuals Requiring The Focused Attention Of An Acute Setting To Achieve Optimal Outcomes. Serving As A Bridge Between Primary Care And Inpatient Services, These Clinics Provide Access To:

Professional Help

Medical, Nursing, And Allied Health Professionals For Thorough Assessment, Diagnosis, And Treatment.

Specialized Care

Ongoing Specialist Management Of Chronic And Complex Conditions In Collaboration With Community Providers.

Comprehensive Support

Pre- And Post-Hospital Care To Ensure Comprehensive Patient Support.

Diagnostic Services

Related Diagnostic Services Such As Pathology And Imaging.

Our Specialty Consultation System Includes

Case Review System

Rigorous Case Reviews Ensure That Your Unique Health Situation Is Thoroughly Assessed By Our Clinical Advisory Team, Setting The Stage For Personalized And Effective Specialty Care.

Physician-Specialist Interaction

Collaboration Is Key. Our Physicians Actively Engage With Specialists To Ensure A Cohesive And Integrated Approach To Your Healthcare Needs.

Facilitated Patient Referral

When A Specialist's Expertise Is Deemed Necessary, Our Team Takes Care Of The Entire Referral Process. From Coordinating Appointments To Providing Necessary Medical Records, We Ensure A Smooth Transition To Specialized Care.

Live Video Consultation (Via Telemedicine)

Distance Is Not A Barrier. Benefit From Live Video Consultations With Specialists, Bringing World-Class Healthcare To The Comfort Of Your Home.

Note: Specialty Consultations are Recommended Only When Advised by Our Clinical Advisory Team.

At Doctors Clinic, We Are Committed To Providing You With Access To The Best Possible Care. Our Specialty Consultation Services Reflect Our Dedication To Ensuring That You Receive The Right Expertise For Your Unique Health Journey. Trust Us To Connect You With Specialists Who Prioritize Your Well-Being.

Specialist Doctors

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